A Jaded Heart

Two years after her engagement was unexpectedly broken, Mackenzy Richards finally feels her life is back on track. She lives an ordinary life in her small town in North Carolina, has friends and family she adores, and she’s in a career that she loves. Everything is perfect. Simple. But her life flips upside down when a sudden storm blows Mackenzy’s ex-fiancé, Clifton Fox, and his new bride-to-be into town—destroying the simple, peaceful life she tried so hard to create for herself after their engagement.

Worse? Clifton’s life seems to be skyrocketing while hers seems to be at a standstill. Her once simple yet perfect life now seems like a lie when she gazes at Clifton and his supermodel gorgeous fiancée, Jaynell. They’re in love and are planning their perfect wedding—a wedding that Mackenzy once dreamt of. So when Clifton asks her how’s her life has been since their breakup, Mackenzy does what any woman in her shoes would do—she lies. And she lies big.

Now, to save herself from further humiliation, Mackenzy needs to find a fake husband and fast. Luckily, one man is up for the job…unfortunately for Mackenzy, the
one man who can save her from this situation is the only man she wants.

To Gavin Duvall, there’s nothing worse than getting trapped in a marriage and having kids. He’d rather get a root canal—through his nostril—before he’ll ever want those things. So, when a fellow Marine, Ken Richards, asks him to pretend to be his kid sisters’ husband for a few weeks, his answer isn’t just no, but HELL NO! But when his mother and grandmother try to push him into a relationship with a woman, whom they believed would make the perfect wife and mother, Gavin sees this pretend marriage as a blessing in disguise.
But will Gavin’s decision to assist Ken’s sister end up turning into a disaster? Or will it fix his jaded heart?