To a long lost friend with Love

Ok. Soooo. I swear, I’m nearly finished the next book. Really, I am!!! At this point, I probably sound a lot like that brat who cried wolf, or fire, or some such shit. Hmmm.

Anywho! The hubby has been riding my ass again about this blog mess, which pretty much goes like this. “Have you written anything on your blog lately?” followed by the sound of crickets. “Neecey, have you written anything on your blog lately?” and more crickets. “Uh, Neecey…” “Dude stop busting my balls!” at which point he proceeds to stare at me as if I’m seven kinds of crazy, before walking away. Which is all I wanted in the first place. So my work is done. AGAIN.

First things first. My next book title is, “Won’t You Let Me Love You” My Husband says it is not catchy enough. When you can, drop me a post via guestbook say Ya or Nay on the title, (I am only doing this because he is such a pain in my ass sometimes, and you know I hate when he is right), so help a sister out, (wink, wink). Also, I have not written anything that was published in a while and he says “you got to keep your readers happy”, so I am going to try this blog thing. Again. And work REALLY Hard to keep it up. So bear with me if I stumble a little bit here and there. In my defense, I have been very busy with my non-writing life. To help me out a little bit please send an email to tell me something you would like to hear about and I will try to accommodate.

You guys are gonna love the new book! I have been working on it for a while now and it seems to be coming along real nice. I’m really hoping this will be my best novel yet. I am going to try a few different things on this blog so hold on to your hats and please cheer me on if you like what you see. It will start a little slow, but after I get going, I think it will be much better. Maybe a little poetry, who knows. With that said, I will say goodnight to all. This chick has to get her beauty rest. LMFAO!! Love you guys. You’re my inspiration! P.S. the link is just the cover; the book is not finished yet, just keep your britches on.