This is my first blog. Just wanted to say welcome. It’s going to take me a while to get the hang of this, but once I do I think it will be fun. When you visit you might find me telling some of my corny jokes or ranting about one thing or another that my wacky family has done that drove me close to murder, Like last week my 16 year old son used his skateboard to see if he could break his neck. I spent five excruciating hours in the emergency room with him, and he had the audacity to call one of his friends from his cell. Three minutes into the call I heard him say, “Dude, it was awesome. oh sure, I’ll defiantly do it again. I almost landed it.” It took everything in me not to kick him in the shin. I will also be talking about my latest book My Angel, my first book My Everything and my third book, which I am in the process of writing. If you can leave me some feedback or make a suggestion. I’m open to new ideas.